This book is designed for absolute beginners, where the author Zoran Radosavljevic has transformed  his 26 years of studies (19 years with his Guru Pt.Sanjay Rath), in simple traditional formulas for absoulte beginners. After 15 years of teaching jyotish, the author has extracted the essentials of philosophy, astronomy, and astrology basics. This book is self self sufficient, and for the first time offers the real traditional guidance for people who do not know anything about jyotish, and wish to learn it in the same way as it was taught in paramparas or traditions.The book will offer comprehensive basics which will enable you to move to Brush Up On The Vedic Astrology Basics books Volume 1 (available), and Volume 2 (soon to come).

This book will brush up your Vedic astrology knowledge, no matter whether you are self learned or finished various courses or attended different schools. Even though it is primary focused on beginners, the knowledge offered in this book will brush up various concepts in more advanced astrologers, who had less opportunity to learn different concepts, rules and explanations which were hidden within the jyotisha traditions of India. The book is illustrated with more than 500 practical charts, from real life people and authors experience, where each principle is carefully illustrated. Therefore, this book is a must for all beginners, as well as those who have any doubts or questions which were not explained nor answered in any book so far. This book will also be a valuable addition to all practicing Vedic Astrologers library, keeping some very advanced principles explained in various tips.

The author Zoran Radosavljevic gives rare traditional tools and principles as how to brush up all basic points such as Kala Purusha principles, Unique analyses of Panchanga elements, Rasis, Grahas, Bhavas, Karaka analyses, Various planetary positions, Drstis, Exaltations/debilitations, Surya and Chandra Lagnas and planetary positions from both Lagnas, as well as many unknown traditional techniques in more than 620 pages. What is most important, the books is illustrated with more than 500 example charts, where each rule was practically explained.

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